Saturday, October 17, 2015

Having a better appreciation for modern music

What happened?  Now there are many talented people nowadays who have not been given the proper respect or are still underrated to this day.  Lately I have been listening to some of these artists such as Anthony David and Esperanza Spaulding.  Now I know that they have been recognized by many, even the Grammys for their skills so in that respect that is a good thing.  On the other hand, I wonder what were to happen if those artists were to get more radio play?  There are the Sam Smith's and the India Arie's that are quite good but India is another artist that despite the mainstream attention she gets, it isn't often that I get to hear her on the radio.  So as a grown folk over 40, I admit that I am stuck in my "grown folks" ways, but I appreciate all kinds of all music in all eras.  To me, there music is just as real as those such as the late Aaliyah and the late Notorious BIG.  (If only they didn't die so young.  Who knows what they would be doing today?  Sadly only one can wonder.)

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