Monday, May 12, 2014

How to make a schedule for a day...

How to plan a schedule, from

1. Grab a pen and some paper or a notebook.
2. Start by placing the date on the left hand side, underlined neatly. On the right hand side you will be making times, preferably in digital clock annotations.
3. Grab some scrap paper and make the list of things you need to do for the day.
4. Put these activities in order of importance.
5. Write down the time you want to wake up in the margin.
6. Write down how you get ready, on different lines for example:
00- Wake up
02- Make bed
7. Move to the next things. Now you've written down everything you need to do to get ready, go on to complete your list of things to do, and follow through that with the same pattern.
8. Be balanced. If you have quite a lot of the time on your hands, separate the things you have to do with more playful, fun and indulgent things, so that you have an equal balance of fun and work.
9. Finish with the unwinding events for the day. Eventually you will get down to the end of the day. Here you write down how to get ready for bed. This should be written down exactly the same way that you wrote down the morning method for how to get ready, with relevant changes, for example:
30- Put pajamas on
33- Brush teeth

*** This is a good way to make a schedule.  In my mind, making a schedule seems impossible because I procrastinate too much.  It doesn't help that my attention span is rather short so concentration is a rather big problem.  So, how do I create a schedule that I can follow without making excuses?  How do I rather create one that is realistic so that my needs are met?  What should I add to my schedule?  Should I create more than one schedule or just one schedule for the day?  Hopefully, I won't be so hard on myself.  In order for this to not be a huge undertaking, I have to realize the benefits of scheduling in the first place.

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