Saturday, April 15, 2017

I am truly okay.

I am mentally okay.  I finally realized that caring what others think has been detrimental in every area of my life.  I am so relieved and set free from caring what others believe about me.  It isn't just a message about self esteem.  It is about loving one self.  It is also about self respect.  I believe that when a person spends his or her life trying to please other people, then they begin to lose a sense of self.  I finally realized that for the first time, I am worth it.  I am worthy and I respect myself.  That isn't just a good feeling.  It is also spiritually and emotionally free.  I love this sense of freedom.  I have been saved not only from sin (though saying we have no sin in us is a lie) but also from doubt, fear, anxiety, and being scared.  It would have also a negative effect on my reaching out to others due to the doubt and the guilt.  I cannot create any videos and witness to others about the Lord whenever I partake in sin that I have not repented of.  That in my opinion was why I have spent my life worrying so much about food, weight, and just worrying period.  I have struggled for years, and it has been a stronghold.  Finally, I feel a huge weight lifted off of me.

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