Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My change from last night

I have become a totally different person since last night.  I didn't brag about being lazy.  Yesterday, I just was.  I realize that no matter how far it seems, God is near.  God saves.  God forgives.  God hears.  It too last night to remember this.  Everything was new. Everything was made clear last night. My hope is that I become an obedient, true believer in Christ each and everyday.  God created me a pure heart.  That is a wonderful thing because only the pure in heart shall see God.  More than anything, I desire to be ready for Jesus Christ's return.  It will be such a day.  I do however know that though time is short, things here on earth seems so long meanwhile.  But I will not scoff, because He is definitely returning.  Amen.

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