Friday, January 20, 2017

Images of young black women and criticism


I was wondering if there is a fine line between a sexy woman and a woman whose image is quite demeaning.  I posted up pictures of black women because of the images above, but because of the image of the video vixen.  Personally, I have no issue with the pics, but it is rap videos and how these ladies are portrayed quite demeaning.  I guess I don't offend easily, but there are some images of black women that are indeed negative and demeaning.  To me, these photos, none of them, are more sexy or even have an erotic tone.  It makes me wonder if any of these ladies were white and doing the same thing, what would be the criticism if any, of these same women in the same outfits and the same poses?  Would it be more positive?  Would they be criticized as much as black women?  Or would they be  criticized as demeaning as much as black women?  Are the lines between degrading and sexy and classes much finer with black women?  Those are the questions that I have about the images in particular about these young ladies.

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