Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"The Redemption" excerpt

A year later, Joy and Richard give birth to a boy named Manuel who looks like Richard.
Three years go by. Richard is always working and Joy grows increasingly unhappy. She
feels alone and taken for granted. She meets another man and they become friends.
Overtime, they grow closer and the affair begins. Joy begins to feel guilty about the
affair and Joy discovers that she is pregnant Richard does not know of this affair since
Joy covered her tracks. They give birth to a daughter, Lauren, but the child turns out not
to be his, but the other man's. Richard does not notice right away, but Joy notices.

She notices that Lauren doesn't have any of the same features as any member of Richard's
family, but the other man. Over time, Richard begins to suspect that the baby is not his
and they argue about Joy's possible infidelity. Despite Joy's denial, he does not believe
her, saying that Lauren looks exactly like her and that she is hurt that Richard does not
believe her. She wonders if anyone, such as his mother have anything to do with it,
which angers Richard. His mother has told him that she was the wrong woman for him.
She has given Joy the benefit of the doubt, but she never cared for her. Despite her
feelings, Richard tells his mother to stay out of it.

Over time, the couple grows apart. Joy meets another man and has affair. She feels
overwhelmed, but is hurt that Richard would not believe her lies. (Who can blame him?).
They grow closer and closer to the point where Joy believes that she is having a
relationship with this second man. They even sleep together at her house while he is
away. This time, she is caught in bed with this other man. Richard pulls out a gun and
the housekeeper calls the police, who arrests him. Joy files a report stating the fact that a
gun is pulled out on her and that he is crazy. The cops blocks him from hitting his wife
and he is taken off to jail to cool off. Once out of jail, Richard puts Joy out of the house.

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