Friday, September 30, 2016

Adultery is forgivable

Hosea 3:1-5
The Lord said to me, “Go, show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another man and is an adulteress. Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes.”

2 So I bought her for fifteen shekels[a] of silver and about a homer and a lethek[b] of barley. 3 Then I told her, “You are to live with me many days; you must not be a prostitute or be intimate with any man, and I will behave the same way toward you.”

4 For the Israelites will live many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred stones, without ephod or household gods. 5 Afterward the Israelites will return and seek the Lord their God and David their king. They will come trembling to the Lord and to his blessings in the last days.

John 8:3-11
3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

9 At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10 Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

11 “No one, sir,” she said.

“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

*** I have read through these virgins time and time and time again.  I have come to realize that even those who have committed the grievous sin of adultery can be forgiven.  I find that adultery is about a selfish, hurtful, act or acts which are dishonest and show a lack of regard.  I realize that this is true that I have become a hypocrite.  I can not and will not excuse infidelity.  However, my views are and have been filled with hypocrisy.  I had to struggle with those views and I still do struggle with those views.  I still struggle with fears.  Much of all, I have struggles with negative images and my own infidelity.  You see, I have cheated on The Lord, The Great I AM.  I am not a bad person, but cheating is not a good thing, thus making me a not so good person.  I realize that and I have to accept that I have OCD and will probably perform compulsions and hopefully one day will not be annoyed with those thought, images, and views.

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