Monday, September 19, 2016

"The Obsession"...excerpt

Jennifer is adventurous, fun loving, studious, spirited, charming, and engaging,
but not always in a good way. She can strike up a conversation with anyone.
But that can often get her into trouble in her family life as she has had numerous
affairs with some of the men in her troubled love life. She looks for the perfect
even though it seems she has the perfect life. She always marries the good guy,
but looks for the fantasy. She is addicted to love. She is addicted to fantasy.
She is addicted to perfection.

Her first marriage was at only 18 years old to a man named Ricky Garcia. The
marriage lasted only four years. They had three children: a daughter named
Daisy and twin girls Lea and Ruthie. The marriage was not a happy one. Both
had affairs and Ricky often drank to excess with his pals. Because of this and
the fact that they married young, there was friction between the couple and they
eventually divorce. Jennifer was not really in love with Ricky; he was just a guy
who she had a crush on and was obsessed with. Sadly, Jennifer is clueless as
to what true love means. She is addicted to love. She has tasted of love, but
never digested it. She falls and falls for men, but is seems the love is often
unrequited. Jennifer took the divorce hard and struggled to make ends meet to
take care of her three girls. But despite her obsessions, she somehow managed
to be a good mother or at least raise the girls to the best of her ability.

She worked many jobs including cashier, librarian, and waiting tables.
Sometimes, she worked more than one job at a time, but writing was her
passion. At work she would fantasize about the bad boy riding on his
motorcycle, the muscular hunk with the tossled blonde hair, and the handsome
athlete with the million dollar smile. Jennifer wanted to write about these people
and make a good living, to have a better life for herself and her daughters, not
wait tables, or punch cash registers forever. She wanted to have her books
published and one day she wanted to make something out of herself. She
wanted to be somebody. Jennifer Delgado was a dreamer most of all.

She met a handsome ITT student named Antonio Sullivan, or Tony for short. In
hindsight, which was 50/50, there have been red flags about THAT union from
the start as Jennifer Delgado, ever the dreamer, never stopped dreaming about
that perfect union. Fast forward a couple of years and Tony became a Software
Technician who owned his own firm and Jennifer Delgado-Sullivan finally made
her dreams come true. At first the marriage was part of the dream life Jennifer
always wanted. Her life was the enviable life she always wanted. Life could not
be any better. Over time, Jennifer began to grow bored with her husband and
carried on affairs with other men, hoping to find that proverbial soul mate. She
wanted to find that one true love only to be disappointed.

She "met" a man named Paolo Serreti, an Italian actor with striking good looks,a
lean, muscular body and thick, wavy flaxen hair. He was certainly a gorgeous
man and could melt any woman's heart, but Jennifer, it seemed, was the object
of his affections.
"We had a whirlwind romance. We wined and dined until the wee hours of the
It was all in Jennifer's mind. It was just a thought, and a rather silly one at that.
She and her husband had not wined and dined like that in a while. Reality kicked
in, and needless to say, Jennifer doesn't deal with reality well. Jennifer over time
was beginning to neglect her marriage and began to neglect her daughters.
Ironically, her work did not suffer as the books she published were about
fantasies that she wish were a part of her life. Her fantasies over times further
began to rule over her until there was no point of return for her marriage.

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