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Why Planning Ahead with Bipolar Is Tough

Why Planning Ahead with Bipolar Is Tough
Posted on October 30, 2015 by Natasha Tracy

People with bipolar have a hard time planning ahead. I know it seems like it would be easy: “Want to go to lunch Tuesday?” “Sounds like fun. Sure!” but it isn’t (How To Be Bipolar And High Functioning). And the reason is because bipolar disorder is highly unpredictable. Yes, I might feel fine right now but I literally have no idea what tomorrow will bring (Using Bipolar As An Excuse). This is why planning ahead with bipolar is really tough.

Planning Ahead with Bipolar
As I was recently explaining to a couple of people, if you imagine mood as a spectrum from -3 (not feeling good) to +3 (feeling great) with 0 being something close to average, most people float around a -2 to +2 most of the time, occasionally dipping down or floating up. This makes these people fairly reliable. This means that even if these people aren’t feeling their best, they’re still feeling okay enough to get their day done. It means that if you have lunch planned with them on Tuesday, they will not likely be stopped from showing up by their mood.

Planning ahead with bipolar disorder is tough, but why? Why can't people with bipolar stick to a plan? Here's the answer in a nutshell. Read this.Bipolar, on the other hand, is very different. We live in more of a -10 to +10 kind of a world and where each person hovers is individual. For me, it’s probably a -4 on a decent day. So on my decent days, I still feel worse than the average person does on their very bad days. That’s the joy of bipolar.

Why Planning Ahead with Bipolar is Tough

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