Wednesday, January 15, 2014


11/7 Affirmation: I have prayed for my loved ones because I believe that we are all valuable.
11/6 Affirmation: I am an overcomer who can face any challenge.
11/5 Affirmation: I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.
11/4 Affirmation: I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
11/3 Affirmation: I am worthy of being cherished.
11/2 Affirmation: I am grateful.
11/1 Affirmation: God is the One who has given me such endless talents.
11/8     I know that God is always with me. – Isaiah 41:10
11/9     With my heart open to God's renewing love, I accept my healing now.
11/10   Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
11/11   I am preparing myself for Jesus' return.
11/12   I can stand on my own two feet and move forward with my life.
11/13   I eat slowly and stop eating the moment I feel full.
11/14   I am a gift from God, not only for one season, but for the entire year.
11/15 I am amazing just the way I am.
11/16 I accept my body shape and acknowledge the beauty it holds.
11/17 My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.
11/18 My healing is already in process.
11/19 Others can trust me because I am trustworthy and reliable.
11/20 I am gracious and grateful.
11/21 I love and approve of myself.
11/22 I attract good things in my life that are needed.
11/23 I bring joy to all around me because I am joyful.
11/24 I am a friend to myself.
11/25 I am happy about my weight.
11/26 I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
11/27 I am prayerful.
11/28 I am thankful.
11/29 I am a thankful, grateful, gracious soul.
11/30 I believe in honor and therefore I practice being honorable.
12/1 The Lord is my Rock and my Salvation...I am saved by Jesus Christ.
12/2 I have learned to say no because it is so freeing.
12/3 God is the owner of my heart.
12/4 I am living my life like it is golden because it is a gift.
12/5 I am strong like steel is strong.
12/6 I love not just the idea of love, but love itself.
12/7 I love myself and I love everyone.
12/8 I am free because I live in freedom
12/9 I am preparing myself for the return of Jesus.
12/10 Life loves me because I love life.
12/11 I believe in change that benefits me.
12/12 I love music and therefore I am a musical person.
12/13  I am a studious learner.
12/14  I am good at planning things.
12/15  I am loving, kind, and generous.
12/16  I am a loving and kind creation of God.
12/17  I love my curly hair.
12/18  I love my shape, size, and color.
12/19  I am well-aware and confident.
12/20   I love to celebrate because I am a joyful person.
12/21   I care about myself and others around me and I want the best for them.
12/22   I am not vain.
12/23   I can see the world with beautiful eyes.
12/24   I am a nice, not a naughty person.
12/25   I am joyous.
12/26   I am strong and I love myself.
12/27  I have strong beliefs that are beneficial to my life and myself.
12/28  I know how to give love and receive it.
12/29  I have been good all year.
12/30  I'm black and I'm proud.
12/31  My heart is not broken.
1/1/14  I will enjoy myself because I will have a blessed new year.
1/2/14  I am talented and clever.
1/3/14  I am intelligent.
1/4/14  I am witty and have a good sense of humor.
1/5/14  I am thankful to the Lord who gives me strength.
1/6/14  I appreciate who I am.
1/7/14  I don't take my family and friends for granted for they love me too.
1/8/14  I am a brave person who has learned to stand on her own two feet
1/9/14  I will be a success no matter what goes on in my life.
1/10/14  I am not foolish, but I am cautious.
1/11/14  I am a fun person to be around.
1/12/14  I am true to myself and will continue to do so.
1/13/14  I like myself and others like me for who I am.
1/14/14  I meditate on what is good.
1/15/14  I am brave enough to go through pain and struggle.
2013-05-19 Affirmation: I am loved and respected.
2013-05-19 Affirmation: I am Heavenbound.
2013-05-19 Affirmation: I love animals.
2013-05-19     Affirmation: I am caring.
2013-05-19     Affirmation: God is love because He first loved me.  I love God.
2013-05-19 Affirmation: I am loving.
2013-05-19 Affirmation: I won't have to worry anymore.  Thank you, Jesus.
2013-05-22  Affirmation: I am a friendly person.
2013-05-22 Affirmation: I am a nice person.
2013-05-24 Affirmation: People like me because I am a nice person.
2013-05-24 Affirmation: God made me who I am and that is why I am thankful.
2013-05-24 Affirmation: I am Holy, for the Lord is Holy and I shall live according to Jesus' example. 2013-05-24 Affirmation: I have friends and family who love me.
2013-05-24 Affirmation: I love me.  I admire me.
2013-05-25 Affirmation: I care about and respect people.
2013-05-25 Affirmation:  I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.
2013-05-25 Affirmation: I love animals and I know that animals in general, lol, love me.
2013-05-25 Affirmation: I am humble.
2013-05-26  Affirmation: God is love.
2013-05-26  Affirmation: Jesus loves me.
2013-05-26  Affirmation: Jesus saves.
2013-05-27  Affirmation: I am at peace with myself.
2013-05-27 Affirmation: I am joyful.   
2013-05-28  Affirmation: Thou will be at perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord. 2013-05-28 Affirmation: I am a baptized child of God.
2013-05-29 Affirmation: I care about my health.
2013-05-29 Affirmation: I have lost weight.
2013-05-30 Affirmation: I like my looks.
2013-05-30 Affirmation: I love and respect myself because of what I have accomplished thanks to God. 2013-05-30 Affirmation: I have lost weight and I feel great.
2013-06-01 Affirmation: I am a gentle, loving soul.
2013-06-01 Affirmation: People like me for who I am.
2013-06-02    Affirmation: I care about myself.
2013-06-02 Affirmation: I have the ability to take better care of myself.  I have lost weight. 2013-06-03 Affirmation: I am beautiful, no matter what they say...Christina Aguilera
2013-06-03 Affirmation: I am not an ugly person.
2013-06-03 Affirmation: I have lost weight and I feel better about what I can accomplish. 2013-06-04 Affirmation: I am a decent person.
2013-06-04 Affirmation: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
2013-06-05    Affirmation: I choose to diet and exercise regularly.
2013-06-05    Affirmation: I like the fact that I am willing to change.
2013-06-05    Affirmation: I appreciate me for who I am.
2013-06-06 Affirmation: I love animals, especially cats, lol.
2013-06-06 Affirmation: I am fair-minded.
2013-06-07 Affirmation: I am happy with my face.
2013-06-07 Affirmation: I like my height.  I am not self-conscious about my height.
2013-06-08 Affirmation: I like and respect my body because I am taking care of it.
2013-06-08 Affirmation: I love music because it is so powerful, so inspiration, so moving, and universal. Music loves me too, lol
2013-06-09  Affirmation: I am faithful to the end.
2013-06-09  Affirmation: I am not a fake person. I am my real, true self with all people.    
2013-06-10  Affirmation: I am wise beyond my years.
2013-06-10  Affirmation: I am a changed person.    
2013-06-11  Affirmation: I am a free-thinker.
2013-06-11 Affirmation: I have lost weight because of hard work and dedication.    
2013-06-12  Affirmation: I love my hair because I take care of it.
2013-06-12  Affirmation: I am a creative person.     
2013-06-13 Affirmation: I am funny.
2013-06-13 Affirmation: I am charming.
2013-06-14 Affirmation: I have faith greater than a mustard seed.
2013-06-14 Affirmation: I love my hair.
2013-06-15 Affirmation:  I am a smart person.
2013-06-15 Affirmation: I no longer put off for tomorrow what I can do today. That is a good change for me.
2013-06-17  Affirmation: People like me for who I am because I am charismatic.
2013-06-17  Affirmation: I have made the conscious choice not to be frustrated about my weight plateau.
2013-06-17  Affirmation: I am a lovable person who is liked and loved by my family and friends.
2013-06-17  Affirmation: I am a caring, kind person who loves children.    
2013-06-18 Affirmation: I love my hair because I take care of it.
2013-06-18 Affirmation:  I am a spiritual person who loves the Lord.
2013-06-19  Affirmation: I am a thankful, grateful person.
2013-06-19  Affirmation: I love my hair. It is beautiful.
2013-06-20 Affirmation: I care about others just as I care about myself.
2013-06-21  Affirmation: I have a lot of great friends. 
2013-06-22 Affirmation: I care much about myself and I care about others.
2013-06-23  Affirmation: I have a great and deep respect for life for it is about having a great and deep respect for the dignity of all mankind.
2013-06-23 Affirmation: I am loved and I love in return.
2013-06-24 Affirmation: I will not treat myself badly because I will no longer allow others including myself that opportunity.
2013-06-26  Affirmation: I care about the world that we live in and all that is in it.
2013-06-27  Affirmation: Communication is something that I do well; it is a key to solving the world's social ills.
2013-06-29  Affirmation: I have a firm grasp of the world around me.
2013-06-30  Affirmation: I love exercising because my mind is now clear.    
2013-07-01  Affirmation: No matter what they say, I am strong woman.    
2013-07-02  Affirmation: Love is kind and not jealous.    
2013-07-03  Affirmation: God really does answer prayer and that I believe God answers my prayers. Thank You.    
2013-07-04  Affirmation: I may be set in my ways, but I am strong minded and strong willed, but in a good way.    
2013-07-05  Affirmation: I am a patriot who believes in honoring our soldiers who are defenders of freedom.
2013-07-05  Affirmation: I am a true patriot because I love my country and hate injustice.    
2013-07-06  Affirmation: I have a high regard for myself as a child of the living true God.   
2013-07-07 Affirmation:  I am strong, wise, and powerful, for God has given me strength, wisdom, and power.
2013-07-08 Affirmation:  I am caring because God cares for me.
2013-07-08 Affirmation: I am fair for God is the God of fairness and wisdom.
2013-07-09 Affirmation: I realize that the pain and suffering of the present time are only temporary to the glories of eternity.
2013-07-10 Affirmation:  Being smart, knowledgeable, and educated are good, but being wise is even better.
2013-07-10 Affirmation: Black is most definitely beautiful.
2013-07-11  Affirmation: I truly can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  
2013-07-12 Affirmation: I see myself as beautiful because that is how God sees me.
2013-07-12 Affirmation: I am able to show myself to be a strong person because I have been given strength, power, and a sound mind by God.
2013-07-13 Affirmation:  I believe in the sanctity of life..that is why I am against abortion. 2013-07-13 Affirmation: My God shall supply all of my needs, whatever they are, according to His riches and glory by Jesus Christ.  Amen.
2013-07-14 Affirmation: I am knowledgeable.
2013-07-15  Affirmation: I am a prayerful person and that God is sovereign. Amen.    
2013-07-17   Affirmation:I give myself permission to say "no" when I am asked to do something I really don't want to do and I refuse to feel guilty.
 2013-07-17  Affirmation: I accept peace within myself.    
2013-07-18  Affirmation: I am a repentant sinner. Thank You, Jesus.
 2013-07-18 Affirmation: Love means being able to say that I have the ability to change.    
2013-07-19  Affirmation: Jesus has made me whole.
 2013-07-19  Affirmation: Jesus saves.    
2013-07-20  Affirmation: Nothing is too hard if you follow through.    
2013-07-21  Affirmation: I know that wasting even a precious moment is futile for life is but a vapor.
 2013-07-21  Affirmation: I know that Jesus Christ is the Only Way to the Father.    
2013-07-22  Affirmation: I know that health like time is of the essence.
 2013-07-22  Affirmation: I know that Jesus can change the world if only we allow Him to do so.    
2013-07-23  Affirmation:Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.---Jim Rohm
 2013-07-23  Affirmation: Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.
 2013-07-23  Affirmation: I hope to continue to be true to myself.  
2013-07-24 Affirmation:  I have a purpose.
2013-07-24 Affirmation: I have hope because I am hopeful.
2013-07-25  Affirmation: I know that I can be transformed by the renewing of my mind.
2013-07-25  Affirmation: I know that Jesus can change the world and all of us living in it.   
2013-07-26 Affirmation: I have shown myself to be a friend because I am loyal.
2013-07-26  Affirmation: I am a generous person to a fault.
2013-07-27 Affirmation:  Affirming myself is a sign that I am grateful to all and for all.
2013-07-27 Affirmation:  I believe in the importance of a loving family, which I have. Thank You for my family.
2013-07-28  Affirmation: I love the concept of love. I love being loved because we are all worthy of love. 2013-07-28  Affirmation: Jesus loves me, for God is love.    
2013-07-29  Affirmation: I am just as good and just as important as all others.
 2013-07-29  Affirmation: I believe in the value of all life.    
2013-07-30  Affirmation: I deserve the best in life because I have worked for them such as my weight. 2013-07-30  Affirmation: I have learned to show myself as a friend and thus, I have friends who love and respect me for who I am.    
2013-07-31 Affirmation: I deserve the best in life.      
2013-07-31  Affirmation: I earn respect because I give love and respect in return.     
2013-10-31 Affirmation: I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today. 2013-10-30 Affirmation: I am a gift to the world as we all are.
2013-10-29 Affirmation: God loves me and accepts me as I am.
2013-10-28 Affirmation: I have a conscience because I love and respect others.
2013-10-27 Affirmation: I love affirmations because they are a sign of showing love towards myself. 2013-10-26 Affirmation: I am proud of who I am.
2013-10-25 Affirmation: I am worthy of honor for I have learned to stand on my own two feet. 2013-10-24 Affirmation: I am grateful to be alive and well.
2013-10-23 Affirmation: I am cool, calm, and collected.
2013-10-22 Affirmation: I am worthy of gaining wisdom.
2013-10-21 Affirmation: I found 100 ways to show that I am worthy of
2013-10-20 Affirmation: I stick to my beliefs for I believe they are based on truth.
2013-10-19    Affirmation: I deserve to be loved, needed, and wanted.
2013-10-17 Affirmation: I am the apple of God's eye.
2013-10-16 Affirmation: I let go of my anger so I can see clearly.
2013-10-15 Affirmation: I am content with my life.
2013-10-14 Affirmation: I am content.
2013-10-13 Affirmation: I love the skin that I'm in.
2013-10-12 Affirmation: We are all worthy of having our basic needs met.
2013-10-11 Affirmation: I deserve to have fun this weekend.
2013-10-10 Affirmation: I am a blessing to all around me.
2013-10-09 Affirmation: I am worthy of having fun in life.
2013-10-08 Affirmation: I have been told that I have a beautiful personality. 2013-10-07 Affirmation: I am worthy of peace of mind.
2013-10-06 Affirmation: I am worthy of a sunny day free from all cares.
2013-10-05 Affirmation: I deserve to be cared for.
2013-10-04 Affirmation: I believe in living the best life possible for life is too short.
2013-10-03 Affirmation: I am honorable.
2013-10-02 Affirmation: I deserve a long, healthy life.
2013-10-01 Affirmation: I am worthy of respect, but God is worthy of honor, for He is honorable. 2013-09-30 Affirmation: I am one of His creations.
2013-09-30     Affirmation: I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
2013-09-29    Affirmation: I am worthy of love because I have been given grace.
2013-09-28 Affirmation: What a day the Lord has made.
2013-09-27 Affirmation: God is worthy of praise and adoration.
2013-09-26 Affirmation: I know how to face and conquer my fears for God is with me.
2013-09-25 Affirmation: I am learning to stand on my own two feet.
2013-09-24 Affirmation: I believe that I am worthy and that all is possible with hard work and dedication. 2013-09-23 Affirmation: I am awesome..
2013-09-22 Affirmation: I am worthy of being appreciated.
2013-09-21 Affirmation: I believe with all of my heart that confession is good for the soul. 2013-09-20   Affirmation: We can all be a blessing, but not in disguise.
2013-09-19 Affirmation: I am full of knowledge to pass on to others and I am wise to the world. 2013-09-18 Affirmation: I am a blessed creation of God.
2013-09-18 Affirmation: I believe that fantasy is reality turned upside down.  I prefer reality. 2013-09-17 Affirmation: I am an extraordinary person who is worthy of love.
2013-09-16 affirmation: I try to be at peace with everyone.
2013-09-15 Affirmation: I am faithful for God is faithful.
2013-09-14 Affirmation: I am kind to myself and to others.
2013-09-13 Affirmation: God guides my every step and I follow Him.
2013-09-12 Affirmation: I will be clear and honest with God, myself, and others.
2013-09-11 Affirmation: We are all worthy of love.
2013-09-10 Affirmation: I am an enduring woman.
2013-09-09 Affirmation: I have taken up my cross and have denied myself.
2013-09-09 Affirmation: Moderation is the key to daily life.
2013-09-08 Affirmation: I am truthful with myself and others.  I believe in truth.
2013-09-08 Affirmation: I have a positive outlook today.
2013-09-07 Affirmation: I choose to make the right choices for me and they are of benefit to me. 2013-09-06 Affirmation: By the stripes of my Savior, I am already healed.
2013-09-05 Affirmation: Imagine me without God...nope, I cannot.
2013-09-04 Affirmation: I am just as good as everyone else.
2013-09-04 Affirmation: I am a solution instead of a problem.  We can either be a part of the solution or part of the problem.
2013-09-03 Affirmation: God cannot lie.
2013-09-03 Affirmation: I cherish my family and my life.
2013-09-02 Affirmation: I cherish every myself.
2013-09-02 Affirmation: I affirm myself everyday.
2013-09-01 Affirmation:  I love me.
2013-09-01 Affirmation: I love being a woman.
2013-08-31   Affirmation: I can and will do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 2013-08-31 Affirmation: I am a happy person.
2013-08-30 Affirmation: I am a changed person.
2013-08-30 Affirmation: Fear cannot hold me back.
2013-08-29 Affirmation:God has borne my illness for this is what I believe.
2013-08-29 Affirmation: I believe that Jesus does indeed heal therefore I believe that by His stripes, I am healed.
2013-08-28 Affirmation:I drop useless habits for they no longer do me any good.
2013-08-28 Affirmation: I am not sorrowful.  I am joyful.
2013-08-27 Affirmation:  I feel like I can conquer the day after a good night's rest.
2013-08-27 Affirmation: I am peaceful and calm.  I am well-rested.
2013-08-26 Affirmation: My spiritual marriage is strong and is getting stronger everyday. 2013-08-26 Affirmation: I am loyal and devoted to Jesus Christ, my faithful Lord, Husbandman, and Savior.
2013-08-25 Affirmation: I trust myself in making the right decisions.
2013-08-25 Affirmation: I have exhibited self-control in all of my life endeavors.
2013-08-24 Affirmation: I am a hero to myself and to others.
2013-08-24 Affirmation: I am a walking, talking, breathing miracle.
2013-08-23 Affirmation: I am beautiful on the inside.
2013-08-23 Affirmation: I am joyful.
2013-08-22 Affirmation: I am open to new ideas as a creative person.
2013-08-22 Affirmation: I am no longer angry because I have plenty of love in my life.
2013-08-21 Affirmation: I know how to have a good time because I am a fun person to be around. 2013-08-21 Affirmation: I make myself smile because I am a happy person.
2013-08-20 Affirmation: I am growing up and growing wiser.
2013-08-20 Affirmation: YOLO so I like to have fun because I choose to.
2013-08-19 Affirmation: I have a beautiful personality and spirit.
2013-08-19 Affirmation:  I am a lovely person.
2013-08-18 Affirmation: I am replenished for I drink more than enough water daily.
2013-08-18    Affirmation: I believe that water has healing properties.
2013-08-17 Affirmation:  I am an amazing person.
2013-08-17 Affirmation: I have unlimited power within myself. 
2013-08-16 Affirmation: I am a cool chick.
2013-08-16 Affirmation: I am worthy of friendship for I have shown myself to be a good friend. 2013-08-15 Affirmation: Constant repetition carries conviction. --Robert Collier
2013-08-15 Affirmation: I believe love really does conquer all because I have power.
2013-08-15 Affirmation: I choose not to follow the crowd and be myself.
2013-08-14 Affirmations;I accept myself deeply and completely
2013-08-14 Affirmation:I have limitless confidence in my abilities
2013-08-14 Affirmation:I am a good person who deserves to be happy
2013-08-13 Affirmation: I am a unique child of this world.
2013-08-13 Affirmation: I can be healed.
2013-08-12 Affirmation:I have discipline, thus I am disciplined in all that I do.
2013-08-12 Affirmation: You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success.  I am not a failure.
2013-08-11 Affirmation:  my potential to succeed is infinite.
2013-08-11 Affirmation: I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today. 2013-08-10 Affirmation: I trust myself.
2013-08-10 Affirmation: I love and approve of myself.
2013-08-09 Affirmation: I love healthy, energizing foods.
2013-08-09     Affirmation:I can feel myself getting healthier and happier with each passing day. 2013-08-09 Affirmation: Squeeze the juice out of every moment of every day. Let it be filled with delight, joy, love, and good humor.Loretta Larouche
2013-08-08   Affirmation: Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I've been given.
2013-08-08    Affirmation:I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions."
2013-08-07 Affirmation: I have a good heart because I am generous to a fault.
2013-08-07 Affirmation:  I am a hero to those around me because I care about them all.
2013-08-06 Affirmation: I care about the world and the people in it.
2013-08-06 Affirmation:  Jesus loves me.  Therefore, I am loved.
2013-08-05 Affirmation:  Today I am at peace...Louise L. Hay
2013-08-04 Affirmation:  Salvation belongs to the Lord, and Jesus saved me.  Hallelujah!
2013-08-04 Affirmation:  I shall, and do, live by faith.
2013-08-03 Affirmation: I, like all of us, are worthy of love.
2013-08-03 Affirmation:  I am considered a sweet and caring person.
2013-08-02 Affirmation:  I am fierce.  I am brave.
2013-08-02 Affirmation: I know that I am worth it.
2013-08-02 Affirmation: I believe that my life is worth living.
2013-08-01 Affirmation: I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
2013-08-01 Affirmation: I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.








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