Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The FLOAT technique

FLOAT way of dealing with obsessive thoughts.

Find your silent place.  With me it is within the confines of my home.  It is a place where I can be alone with my thoughts and pray.  I wondered if I could respond to a negative thought in that way. I realize that prayer could also be a fight response.  However, I have learned that prayer is honest, respectful communication with the Lord.

Let go of judgment.  I admit that unfortunately, I can be a judgmental person who often sees things in a negative light.  I would like to see myself in a less judgmental, negative light.  I would also like to see the beauty in me like I do in others whether they are fat, skinny, slim, slender, obese, curvy, or plus sized.

Observe your thoughts.  I finally realize and have no longer begun to just fight the thoughts.  I have to see these thoughts for what they are.  I also have to also see myself for who I am.

Awareness of your environment. I feel like being aware most of the time whenever I get afraid of having a thought or two.  For instance, I was obsessed with a number of people like classmates and celebrities.  I am afraid that I would go back.  On the other hand, I never did go back to these obsessions.

Thankful for the experience.  Being thankful and being grateful I realize can be the same thing, but they are different.  I have become a different person as a result of having these thought.  I am in tune with my spiritual self.  In other words, I have drawn closer to the Lord.  That is something I have noticed.

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